Thursday, 12 June 2014

Visit Greece!

 We wanted to present the reasons why you should visit Greece. However we realized there are so many reasons, that is why we will show you the most important reasons.   You must visit Greece for the climatic conditions. From May to October we have only sunny days. But also from October to April the weather helps for the autumn and winter vacations.
  You must visit Greece for the lovely islands. The Cycladic islands with the little white houses which look like with white sugar cubes. With amazing, blue beaches, not only on the islands but also around Greece, as bordering on all sides with the Mediterranean Sea.

 There are islands, like in the Ionian, with little colorful alleys and with lush vegetation which is mirrored in the sea and creates a beautiful image with blue and green colors.
Here in Greece we have secluded beaches, beaches for party and fun, organized beaches and beaches with a single companion to the sea, the sand and the sun.
You can also come and visit Greece and go to the mountains, for climbing and for hiking to the mountain of the Gods, Olympus.
Are you looking for winter vacations? Easy. The cosmopolitan Arachova , the unique and historical Ioannina ,with the little island in to the lake of Ali Pasa, during the Turkish occupation or the snowy Florina or Karpenisi. The choice is yours!
Greek cuisine.  Another reason to come to Greece. You must try all our local products. Greek salad, mousaka, tzatziki, meat, fish and our vegetarians  and legumes. The Greek cuisine covers all tastes.
Don’t forget, Greece, compared to the resident population has most of PDO products all over the world.

Fun and party, yes, but also unique archaeological and historical sites to visit. Because we cannot  forget the history of Greece. The Parthenon, the Archaeological Museum of Acropolis, the Knossos, the Delfous, the Cycladic art, the Epidaurus and so much more. Because where ever you will look in the historical map of Greece, you will found our history, your history.
 One little advice, you must watch Greek tragedy in the imposing Epidaurus.
And finale, the Greek Market. Because has nothing less from the
European Market. You can found all the most popular clothes designers and jewelry, even in the cosmopolitan island like Mykonos. But also many handmade products made with care and love, are good ideas for gifts.
For all these reasons and plenty more you must visit Greece.